Six Passages Workshop

6 Passages for Reopening Inner Awareness Through Hebrew Chant

David P. Goldstein

David P. Goldstein

Available for your community. For more information, contact David at “dpgold7” please add “@gmail”.

100% of the workshop proceeds will fund Chanting for Recovery (see below.)

Course Description

We have all that we need for our life journey. But in the hectic and stressful life in which we live, we sometimes forget how simple it should be to walk along our life-path.

In this half day workshop, we will learn 6 Passages for staying focused on what is important in our lives. Those passages are: Silence, Build Up and Tear Down, Thanks a Lot, Laughter and Joy, By My Side, and Be Nice.

We will deeply engage in sacred texts from the Hebrew Bible and other sources, connect energetically with one another, and gain wisdom from ancient traditions. We will draw on our memory and imagination and experience the rich depth of silence after the chant.

Although Hebrew is the primary language of the texts that are chanted, this workshop is fully inclusive and is open to people of all faith traditions. No prior knowledge of chanting, meditation or the Hebrew language is required.

Feel free to bring a water bottle, and a snack for break times. If you have a favorite meditation cushion, bring it along. We will be in a beautiful outdoor setting, weather permitting.

David Goldstein has been leading the Tikkun Chant Circle in Pittsburgh since 2008. He is a graduate of the Kol Zimra Chant Leadership training program led by Rabbi Shefa Gold. He is a composer of Hebrew chant and sacred choral works, and a four-time winner of the Shalshelet Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music.

Chanting for Recover is a an online musical resource designed to support people who are in recovery from drugs, alcohol and other dependencies. It is a series of Youtube videos with chants primarily in English to provide spiritually uplifting music to help those in recovery from drugs, alcohol, and other dependencies.