Musical Compositions

Choral Music

I’m Not What They Asked For
Based on a poem by Marce, a 17 year-old transgender girl, this powerful piece moves through anger to the joy of finding ones true self-expression.
Piano accompaniment, performance time 4 minutes.

Libavtini – You Have Captured My Heart
Using beautiful love poetry from Song of Songs 4:9, this is a sweet and romantic love song.
A capella, performance time 3 minutes

Ner Elohim (The Candle of God – A Journey of Faith)
A powerful and moving Chanukah piece that captures the miracles and faith at the heart of this beautiful holiday.
Piano accompaniment, performance time 6 minutes.

For more information and a recording of the composition, visit the Ner Elohim page.

Prayer of Muhammad
Someone asked the Prophet Muhammad, “What actions are most excellent?” His answer was: “To feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, to remove the wrongs of the injured, to gladden the human heart”. This piece has complex harmonies and engaging rhythms.
Piano accompaniment, Performance time 4 minutes.

Song of Songs – Suite for Women’s Voices
Passionate, three-movement piece based on texts from the Song of Songs, as you’ve never heard them before. “Arise My Beloved,” “K’tapuach Ba’atzay Hayaar,” and “Let Me Be a Seal Upon your Heart.” (performed as a tango!)
Piano accompaniment, optional conga drum on 3rd movement. Performance time 7 minutes.

For more information and a recording of the composition, visit the Song of Songs page.

Spirit Water
Psalm 51 was the inspiration for “Spirit Water”, a choral piece in three movements that was commissioned by East Liberty Presbyterian Church to help celebrate the rededication of its sanctuary. The three sections of Spirit Water range in style from slow gospel to pop to jazz.
Organ and Piano accompaniment with string bass and percussion, soprano or tenor jazz soloist. Performance time 15 minutes.

For more information on this composition, visit the Spirit Water page. 

Upon My Bed At Night I Long For Him
This love song, using text from Song of Songs 3:1-5, 2:3, is a departure to the classic love poetry, as the tenors and basses sing the words typically expressed by the women, making this a perfect piece for an LGBT chorus.
Piano accompaniment, Performance time 5 minutes.

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