Loving the Stranger, Loving Ourselves Workshop

Available for your community. For more information, contact David at “dpgold7” please add “@gmail”.

This workshop is a journey of opening up our hearts. We are living through a time in the U.S. where it is difficult to feel unified and trusting of those who see the world so differently, especially those who seem determined to make our country a much less welcoming place for the “other,” whether immigrants, minorities, the LGBTQ community, or women. How can we remain open-hearted and loving during times such as this?

We will embrace unknown parts of ourselves, and learn what is holding us back from our path. Through Hebrew chant, we will work with the attributes of acceptance, abundance, and trust to cultivate a spirit of generosity, so that we can open up to those who are different from us, and let the healing continue.

We will deeply engage in sacred texts from the Hebrew Bible and other sources, connect energetically with one another, and gain wisdom from ancient traditions. We will draw on our memory and imagination and experience the rich depth of silence after the chant.

Although Hebrew is the primary language of the texts that are chanted, this workshop is fully inclusive and is open to people of all faith traditions. No prior knowledge of chanting or the Hebrew language is required.Feel free to bring a water bottle, and a snack for break times. If you have a favorite meditation cushion, bring it along.

David P. Goldstein

David P. Goldstein

David Goldstein is the founder and leader of the Tikkun Chant Circle in Pittsburgh, which he started in 2008. He is a recording artist and a composer of Hebrew chant and sacred choral works. David is a four-time winner of the Shalshelet Festival of New Jewish Liturgical Music.