Kavanot of Rhythm of Chant – Vol. 1

Rhythm of Chant - Vol. 1The inspiration for this short and powerful collection of chants was the desire to combine Latin rhythms with soulful intentions to achieve a deep and unique level of prayerful space. Below are the kavanot or intentions for each chant.

1. Harmony Trail Niggun

For centuries, wordless melodies, or niggunim, have been used in the Jewish tradition as a means for entering into prayer. This niggun is a rhythmic and grounding melody that brings us into a prayerful space.

2. My Heart is Awake

Ani y’shaynah v’libi er; zeh dodi v’zeh rayi

I was asleep but my heart was awake; This is my lover and this is my friend. Song of Songs 5:2, 5:16

Song of Songs invites us into a sacred dance/embrace with God as beloved. There is a restlessness reflected in the text and the joyful rhythm of this chant. The word “zeh”, or “this” can be interpreted to mean this moment, so that we truly embrace this unique moment as our lover and friend.

3. Peace

The word peace in 16 languages

Peace, shalom (Hebrew), shanti (Nepali), salaam (Arabic), paz (Portuguese), ukutula (Zulu), pace (Italian), pyongwah (Korean), pokoj (Polish), mir (Russian), maluhia (Hawaiian), pax (Latin), baris (Turkish), amani (Swahili), kapayapaan (Filipino), heiwa (Japanese).

4. I Keep God Before Me

Shiviti Yah l’negdi tamid (Psalm 16:8) – I set God always before me

This chant is a mindfulness practice to keep the oneness of Yah within our reach at all times. Sometimes when we stray from our path, all that we need is a reminder of Yah’s presence to bring us back.

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Rhythm of Chant - Vol. 1