Rhythm of Chant – Vol. 1

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Rhythm of Chant – Vol. 1
The Music of David P. Goldstein

The inspiration for this short and powerful collection of chants was the desire to combine Latin rhythms with soulful intentions to achieve a deep and unique level of prayerful space.

I am grateful for the gifts of a few talented folks who collaborated with me on this small project. First to the super gifted Miguel Sagué III. I have been wanting to work with Miguel for years. His gentle, sweet spirit and extraordinary congo playing were part of the inspiration behind this album. Eva Rainforth – I can’t imagine doing an album without you. Your gorgeous vocals and amazing spirit once again brought magic to this, your 5th Tikkun project. The amazing Dave Hidek from The Church Recording Studio did the studio work and sound engineering. And as always, my brilliant husband Jeffry Johnson provided musical direction, web work, and loving advisory and patient support to this project.

100% of the proceeds of this project go to supporting the work of Planned Parenthood of Western PA.

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