Love the Stranger

Love the Stranger
Hebrew Chant of David P. Goldstein

The chants of this album and workshop series were formed to help people on their journey of personal growth, honoring and embracing the differences among us all, as part of a socially responsible, caring community.

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Intentions of Love the Stranger

Sample Track from Love the Stranger

I am beyond grateful for the gifts of many talented folks who collaborated with me on this project. First the singers: Eva Rainforth brought her gorgeous vocals and amazing spirit once again to this, her 4th Tikkun project. Newcomer baritone Ray Blackwell dazzles with his deep tones and his kind heart. Larry Luther from Mr. Smalls Studio did some great studio work. And my teacher and friend Dave Hidek from The Church Recording Studio taught me electronic arranging and did expert sound work on the tracks. My super talented sister in-law Deena Goldstein designed the album art and provided much needed artistic and promotional input. And finally, my gifted husband Jeffry Johnson provided musical direction, web work, and other kind, patient, and loving support to this project.

Eva Rainforth

Eva Rainforth, Mezzo Soprano

Ray Blackwell

Ray Blackwell, Baritone

Larry Luther

Larry Luther, Sound Engineer

Dave Hidek

Dave Hidek, Sound Engineer

Deena Goldstein

Deena Goldstein, Artist and Marketing Director

Jeffry Blake Johnson

Jeffry Blake Johnson, Music Director

David P. Goldstein

David P. Goldstein, Composer, Tenor, and Sound Engineer

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