Kumi Ori


Kumi Ori – 
Hebrew Chant of David P. Goldstein

Kumi Ori, “Arise and Shine” is my second collection of Hebrew Chants, and provides an opportunity to go even deeper into sacred intentions from the Jewish liturgy and the Hebrew bible. Each chant provides the opportunity for soul work, as we explore themes of return, holiness, courage, and many others.

Kavanot of Kumi Ori – the intentions of each chant

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Sample track:
Vatimalay Ha’artz Et Hamayim (mp3)

Vatimalay ha’aretz et Hamayim.

And the land was filled with water (2 Kings 3:20).

Special thanks go to Jeffry Johnson, for finding the time and energy in the midst of all of the chaos, to Rabbi Shefa Gold who continues to inspire me with her work, to my family who gets behind all of my crazy ideas. Thanks to the hugely talented musicians, Sara Stock Mayo, Katy Williams, Eva Rainforth, Susan Blackman, Greg Siegle, Todd Farwell, Jeffry Johnson, for their sweet tones and spirit.

My dear friend Ronnie Weyl once again lent her magnficent gifts to the cover design. Thank you, Ronnie, for your ingenuity and vision.

The musical artists of Kumi Ori:

Kumi Ori Artists

David P. Goldstein, the Kumi Ori Artists, and Sara Stock Mayo

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