Kavanot CD

Kavanot –
Hebrew Chant of David P. Goldstein

“David Goldstein’s new CD, Kavanot, is nothing short of magical. With superb musicality and deep reverence for text, he has managed to transform these simple Hebrew phrases into vehicles for Soul Work”.

–Rabbi Shefa Gold

“My criterion for a good chant is simple. Is my heart seduced by this melody and these words? Do they help me fly? These chants pass the test. My spirit soars on Goldstein’s wings.”

—Rabbi Mike Comins, Making Prayer Real

Kavanot is a compilation of many of the Hebrew chants that I have written over the past few years, and which I use in my ongoing chant circles in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. The name Kavanot is Hebrew for “intentions”. Each chant is centered around a sacred phrase from the Old Testament or from the Jewish liturgy, and represents a specific intention, or prayer focus designed to meet a spiritual need. As you chant along with these melodies, you have the opportunity to allow the intention to enter your heart and to deepen your connection with Creator.

Kavanot of Kavanot – The intentions of each chant

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Sample track!

Lo Tikaveh

Ki taylaych b’mo aysh lo tikaveh.

Even though you walk through fire, you will not be burned. (Isaiah 43:2)

I am grateful to many people for helping this project come to life. Special thanks go to my husband Jeffry Johnson for his patience and loving support, to Rabbi Shefa Gold for her amazing teachings and encouragement, to my spirit buddy community of Kol Zimra, and to the wonderful community of the Tikkun Chant Circle, for showing up and chanting with me.

Thanks to the terrific musicians, Elaine Blevins, Alexandra Elmes, Todd Farwell, Jeffry Johnson, Min Sue Kim, Carly Noel Riley, Jarrell Strickland, Dan Murphy, and Sara Beattie. I’m also grateful to Larry Luther and Mark Benincosa for their recording expertise.

A special thanks goes to my dear friend Ronnie Weyl for her gorgeous cover art work.

“This is a CD for the soul.”
Lee Chottiner, The Jewish Chronicle

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David P. Goldstein

David P. Goldstein

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