Chant Albums

The Chant Albums of David P. Goldstein

Love the Stranger

Love the Stranger

The chants of this album and workshop series were formed to help people on their journey of personal growth, honoring and embracing the differences among us all, as part of a socially responsible, caring community.

Experience This Day Just As It Is –
Chanting for Recovery

Experience This Day Just As It Is – Chanting for Recovery is my fourth chant collection, and my first foray into a collection of chants that is fully in the English language. This CD is a fund raising initiative to support the YouTube project, which is a non-profit project designed to help those in recovery from alcohol, drugs, and other dependencies.


Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know is my third collection of Hebrew Chants, and adds to the collection established in my CDs Kavanot and Kumi Ori, allowing the listener to delve into sacred intentions from the Jewish liturgy and the Hebrew Bible. The focus of this collection is on the stillness, searching for God in the quietness of our hearts.


Kumi Ori

Kumi Ori, “Arise and Shine” is my second collection of Hebrew Chants, and provides an opportunity to go even deeper into sacred intentions from the Jewish liturgy and the Hebrew bible. Each chant provides the opportunity for soul work, as we explore themes of return, holiness, courage, and many others.



Kavanot is a compilation of many of the Hebrew chants that I have written over the past few years, and which I use in my ongoing chant circles in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. The name Kavanot is Hebrew for “intentions”. Each chant is centered around a sacred phrase from the Old Testament or from the Jewish liturgy, and represents a specific intention, or prayer focus designed to meet a spiritual need. As you chant along with these melodies, you have the opportunity to allow the intention to enter your heart and to deepen your connection with Creator.