David P. Goldstein

David P. Goldstein is a composer of sacred choral and chant music and a recording artist. He is an experienced chant leader, and founder of the Tikkun Chant Circle, which meets regularly in Western Pennsylvania. With a focus on Hebrew chanting, he presents workshops to help encourage spiritual growth.

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David P. Goldstein’s YouTube Channel

Podcast with Rabbi David Lazar and David Goldstein:
Grounding Oneself Next to Flowing Water

Featured Chant CD:
Experience This Day Just As It Is

Workshops available for your community:

Loving the Stranger, Loving Ourselves

6 Passages for Reopening Inner Awareness Through Hebrew Chant

Tikkun Chant Circle

Join us for our monthly Hebrew chant gathering, as we explore sacred phrases through simple, repetitive melodies and rhythms.

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Experience This Day

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